Client Testimonials

Denise let me set the agenda for each session and provided flexibility to cover what I needed for that week. I liked the homework challenges. I never felt judged. She made me feel completely at ease and able to talk about very personal things. There was a flexible timetable with appointments to suit my calendar.

Denise was clearly sensitive to and understanding of the issues affecting me (i.e. anxiety) and made me feel reassured that there was much that could be done to help me address these issues. She explained the techniques that I could utilise very clearly and effectively and she helped me get to a stage where I felt more comfortable with my anxiety and more positive about my ability to manage it. Denise was non judgemental and she also assisted me to become less self-critical and more confident in challenging my perfectionistic thoughts and behaviours. She created a relaxed and postive environment during our sessions and I am very grateful to her for helping me to become more accepting of myself and better able to recognise what I do well.

Denise is an excellent therapist. She is approachable and I felt that I can trust her immediately. She is very experienced in a wide range of topics and techniques – from CBT, to career coaching and parenting – which is perfect for me as a working mother. She is a good listener and knows exactly what kind of support and exercises to use to help me to address my negative thinking patterns and issues that I am facing. Having been furloughed and then made redundant due to Covid 19, she really made a massive difference for me at this difficult time, and what I have learnt from her sessions also serves long term benefit – helping me navigating the complexity of life and be more resilient. Thank you very much.

I felt listened to and I felt confident to say things I would normally regard as silly. I didn’t understand what was wrong with myself and also was finding it hard to explain but there was still always new things to try and be helped with .

It was a safe place to speak regularly. Expressing my emotions in an uninhibited way was appreciated. We had structured conversations based on potential actions and were turning things to positive potential outcomes. Denise was very clear but not overbearing and able to make things less overwhelmingly complex than they were in my mind.

This has been a journey of discovery: a new kind of therapy. Dealing with traumatic events in a clear time line has helped tremendously, and also it has been helpful to attribute blame where it actually belongs. Also the therapy has helped in how I view myself in relation to past events.

Denise was easy to talk to and built up a good relationship. There were lots of techniques covered e.g. unhelpful thinking techniques and thought diaries. I made so much progress in such a short ammount of time. I highly recommend her.
I found the therapist to be gentle, kind, open and wise. These personal characteristics allowed me to feel comfortable and confident about talking through my issues/problems. The therapy sessions flowed naturally and difficult topics were covered in a sensitive way. The therapist asked probing questions and gave insight in a professional and respectful way.
Talking through my issues with someone else was helpful. I felt like I was in a bad place when I started and by week 2 was enjoying my sessions and felt happy to come. I found the exercises very helpful and have used what we discussed in day-to-day life.
Denise really understood every aspect of my problems, helped me understand the underlying issues and always discussed with me the possible solutions (never a “this is what you have to do”). She continuously motivated me by making me aware of my progress. She helped me set realistic goals and develop skills with which I can confidently tackle any setback. I never felt rushed through the sessions, or pressured to take more sessions. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
I found the therapist’s approach to addressing my problems/issues with key deliverables and the the action points, extremely helpful. I was able to target issues in my life week by week, and assess the outcome at the therapy sessions. This was useful as it allowed me to track my progress and helped me feel like i was making key improvements in my life.
Denise created a feeling of trust which allowed me to be open. The timing and pace was good between pushing forward and backing off. Denise identified my learning style with reading, videos and homework. I made progress every week. She was listening, summarising and identifying the core, underlying issues for me and giving me tools and techniques to rectify them. Denise played back what I had said and made helpful observations. She helped me to identify coping strategies.
At the very first day, Denise made me feel comfortable. I was in a very dark place and I did feel she understood me. She listened carefully and often would say something that I was thinking. I was so depressed that if I didn’t feel I can trust Denise, I would have cancelled other appointments. I am grateful for her help. She saved me from depression.
I found the therapy very proactive when it came to looking at how to cope better and understand anxiety which was great. I have tried several forms of therapy with different therapists over the years. Denise was by far the most helpful I have ever seen. I would have no reservations reccomending her in the future.
I felt like I could let out all my thoughts and knew there was going to be a solution by the end of our session. There was nothing that I did not like about the therapy and it was in a good location.
Denise enabled me to cope with my anxiety. I learned skills to help me deal with my anxiety effectively. Denise was easy to talk to.
Denise made me comfortable to keep talking. She was able to highlight my specific issues amongst the ‘ramblings’. I liked the face to face contact.
What I found most helpful was that Denise was interactive and asking questions, drawing out what I was saying. Denise was caring and empathic. What was also helpful was that she changed direction when some strategies seemed less helpful, checking this with me. There was a good amount of tasks to work on between sessions.
Denise was patient and helped me to develop methods of coping that specifically addressed issues I had. The location was easy for me to get to.
What I found most helpful was having someone nice to talk to, who doesn’t judge you and is easy going. Denise doesn’t tell you what to do or tell you off if you don’t complete certain tasks. This is good because it keeps you motivated.
Denise was very easy to talk to, personable and non-judgemental. She was also flexible allowing me to tailor sessions to suit my pace and limitations where needed.
Denise managed my expectations well and linked all work back to the goals I outlined in my initial session. I definitely enjoyed learning some CBT.
Being able to work through my issues with a professional, qualified therapist was very helpful. It gave weight and validation to the tasks I was asked to do, and Denise offered a non-judgemental environment to work through my anxiety. A solution-focused approach really worked for me.
It was helpful to have someone to unload to, but it also helped me to uncover some of the reasons for my behaviour and stress levels. The CBT helped me to really understand my driving emotions and be accountable for my reactions to things.